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Monitor my heating system

Wird es reichen?

Gedanken zum Strombedarf bei Langstrecken-Radtouren


[[FULL~MOVIE]] Batman: Alma de Dragón (2021) GOOGLE*DOCS 4K

The writer didn't "borrow" from Enter the Dragon he downright stole from that legendary film. If you've watched enter the dragon then you've seen this embarrassing copy of it as well. The level of laziness on the writing and it's recycled 70's exploitation film tropes really annoyed me.

Chronique d'une persécution ordinaire

Ce récit, bien qu'inspiré de faits réels, n'est que pure fiction (TW: harcèlement, suicide)

Pourquoi le cyberharcèlement est-il si impuni ?

Pin up man

Mes comptes libres

Das Märchen vom Gingkoblatt

The Basic Types of Guitar Picks

guitar pick case

Some musings from Mastodon

The things I do at 2h du mat

By KevinJanuary 12, 2021Kevin

Defekte Heizanlage, 3. Woche.

12 Uhr.

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